Adfent Nadolig Blas

Ffilm ddyfeisiol gan holl BLAS / a Devised Ffilm by all BLAS members As it was devised and created at home, some of this film is in Welsh. They are all very physical peices so a translation may not be…

Adfent Nadolig Blas



Ffilm ddyfeisiol gan holl BLAS / a Devised Ffilm by all BLAS members

As it was devised and created at home, some of this film is in Welsh. They are all very physical peices so a translation may not be needed but incase you do require the translation please find the English translation below.


Did you hear about the naught

These Elves like to steal your Christmas presents

But of course, they had to put the presents back – Orders from Santa you see.

So, this Christmas keep an eye out for the naughty elves, they might be flying to your house.


It was a very winter day on the moon, so winter it couldn’t snow over Christmas. Everyone’s hopes for a first ever white Christmas on the moon had faded. It was so cool – even the penguins were complaining!! They had to move around to warm up … move very quickly too.

Suddenly something extraordinary fell from the sky and landed in the hands of a moon resident.
Wet white feather.
They stared confused at the feather. What is this?
Then another feather fell.
They ran to catch it before it touched the floor. The white feather turned into cold water …… is this snow?
Everyone looked in the sky and then thousands of little white feathers fell until the moon’s floor was one big white blanket!
Yes, it was snowing for the first time ever on the moon!
Hi! Everyone shouted… .. including the penguins! The penguins headed straight to ski down the big flat craters while everyone else enjoyed the snowiest buildings you’ve ever seen! Everyone was full of excitement and fun until one resident got a snowball in his head! Everyone stopped for a moment worth looking at each other. One of the penguins threw a snowball at the head of one of the people …… after a moment of tension, everyone laughed out loud throwing snowballs at each other! Snowball fight! At dusk, there was a big party with all the people dancing… .. including the penguins. Ever seen a penguin dancing on the moon before?

SCENE 3: Ghost of Christmas Past

Meet Alfred the Elf.

As he left the house to go to a party, he was met by a Ghost

“I am the Ghost of Covid Past

No one in this party have stuck to the Covid rules, if you got to this party there will be catastrophic consequences”

He decided to go anyway

Another Ghost appears as he is about to enter the party

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Present, I am here to warn you. Do not go into the party – as you will catch Covid”

Again, he ignored the Ghost and into the party he went

As he enjoyed the party another Ghost appeared

“I am the Ghost of Christmas future – you will catch Covid at this party, then you will go home to Santa and give him the virus, and then we will have to cancel Christmas”

So Alferd decided to put his mask on and leave the party and go straight to bed.

Scene 4: Angry Xmas Man

SION – (hears the story) A long, long time ago in a faraway village there was a very angry, angry man… .blin who hated Christmas.

JACK – If I Have a Christmas

SION – He hated a Christmas doll because he had no family or friends and so he wanted everyone else to have a miserable Christmas.

JACK – Why is everyone so happy at Christmas ?

SION – The children of the village were really excited about Christmas

SEREN – I’m so excited! Christmas!

JACK – I’m going to ruin a Christmas for every kid in the village

SION – But disappointment was on the horizon for the village children as they woke up every Christmas morning

SEREN – Where are the presents!?

SION – And this was a Christmas every year for the little ones in the village. Disappointment after disappointment.

SION – But one Christmas he had a bit of a shock as he tried to steal the kids’ presents… On Christmas morning as he went to steal the children’s presents, he noticed a letter. He read the letter…

JACK – “Dear angry man, I know you are stealing our presents and I don’t care anymore so keep the presents. Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends and you are very welcome to join us, please don’t feel like you are all alone.”

SION – And that was it, Christmas never did. He spent every Christmas with a friend’s company. The end.

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