Shock Podcast

This podcast was recorded by MEM at the following link

Shine electric shock

Snippet of an animation I did for the lovely project “Shine”, directed by Alexander Dietrich and Johannes Flick.

The Lost Melody

Alfred and Dexter are originally childhood friends. They participate in the Vietnam War together. But conflicts and misunderstandings arise between them because of the death of Alfred’s younger brother. After returning back their country, they have no contact. Alfred have…

Black Parade | Culture Shock DC

Director Stephen Lyons II Videographer Sheldon Silvers Editor Matt Reeves Co-Directors Michael Keenan Ayden Elder Arrington Lassiter Producers Stephen Lyons II Allison Goss Choreographers Stephen Lyons II Ayden Elder Monique Watson Minilik Addis Arrington Lassiter Audrey Medley E.L. Vega Dancers…